This page lists a series of Canvas prototypes:

Component concepts:

This is where my latest experimentation for a full sytem will be.
Warning: Uses ECMA6 features which your browser may not be able to comprehend.
A camera module simulator.
A demonstration of the proposed circuit system.
A gear.
Circuits 2.0
An expansion on the original circuits prototype.
Introduces rudimentary ICs and over simplified voltage.
A virtual, fictional CPU.
Documentation available here: µcpu
µCPU/Robo Demo
A virtual, fictional CPU.
Now starring a virtual, fictional robot.
16x2 Character LCD display
A scrolling LCD display.
Frame-independant voltage monitoring component, and some function generators.
Warning: ECMA6
Sound Test 2.0
Simple working ADSR + Pitch/Frequency control.
Line Bisect Test
Experimenting with bisecting lines without collision/crossing. (Procedural generation concept.)
Programmable Asteroids w/ Blockly
Semi-functional Asteroids game which can be programmed by the user.