EZ Miner

EZ Miner is block breaking mini-game that encourages players to reach high scores by breaking larger sets of blocks, as well as removing key items from the board. Occasionally the player is given consumable powerups on the board they they are able to use for different clear patterns.

Originally intended to be a 'skill game' of sorts, I wanted to reward players with currency for getting certain scores. However laws and rules prevented me from doing so, so I redesigned it to be an arcade game.
However, the most important part about anything is recording what players do. I keep track of a variety of things like: How many Powerups are used in a session, Resource counts, Score, Session Length, and the Largest Combo.
These are pulled directly from DB on page refresh:

Stats (as of 9/9/2017)

35701 Total Plays

Most Ores Most Crystals Highest Score Longest Game Highest Break Count Highest Specials Count Largest Break
7 Ore 4 Crystals 386.967s 1315 Points 543 Groups 23 Specials 34 Tiles
Most Active Players
2512 Plays
1419 Plays
728 Plays
604 Plays
437 Plays
405 Plays
359 Plays
355 Plays
322 Plays