To add: March 25-27th weekend project (programmed shooter thing), raytracer, bustracker, mineventures, neural_net, (??? Lots more, I would think)
Spooky Game (Unity)
An improvement on my previous Spooky Game prototype. Navigate a maze while dodging hazards in the real and spiritual world.
The Walking Idle
Idle game with programmability mechanics. Define your adventuring party's behavior and return later to fast forward and see the results!

Built using: Three.js and the usual Web tech.
Client-side Programming Minecraft Server Mod
Collaborative project. I created the player's usable API by hooking up and gamifying (mana-restricting) Bukkit server methods.
A prototype to explore the possibility of teaching server back-end architecture through a game.
Orbital Flight Simulator with Cats. Custom written multiplayer backend with Websockets. (Sorry, but it's usually down because of hosting reboots.)

Built using: Three.js, Websockets, NodeJS Server
Bus Tracker
Particle brand wifi microcontroller which I hooked up to my webserver to tell me when the next bus is arriving to my nearby stop!

Tech: PHP
A JavaScript Genetics Algorithm Library.
Ludum Dare 34 game based on the themes of Growth and Two-Button. Jump and shoot your way to victory with increasingly complicated controls.

Build using: HTML5, Canvas, and JavaScript. Art and sounds made from scratch.
Spooky Game (WebGL from Scratch)
WebGL demo that uses a handheld game console as a 'view' into the otherworldly.
Scripted a block-breaking game inside of Second Life. Features an animated title screen and custom timer in the form of the fuze that wraps around the board. Also the result of all games are recorded!

Built in: Second Life
Programme Suite
A collection of electronics-educational prototypes.

Built in parallel with while learning electronics.
Berry Genetics
An interactive demo which employs genetic concepts such as Inheritence and Phenotypes.

Built using: Javascript and Canvas.
Warframe Mod Card Maker
A canvas-based 'mod-card' maker to allow the community to design their own mod-cards from Warframe.
Procedural Cards
A quick little canvas demo that generates a variety of unique 'calling cards.'
CS:GO Case Simulator
An in-browser Case opening simulator for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Made with Canvas and Javascript.
CS:GO Market Aggregator
A web-scraping application that would draw price information from the Steam Community Market and rehost it for easier browsing.

Built using: MySQL, PHP and HTML+CSS+JavaScript.