To add: March 25-27th weekend project (programmed shooter thing), raytracer, bustracker, mineventures, neural_net, (??? Lots more, I would think)
CS:GO Case Simulator
An in-browser Case opening simulator for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Made with Canvas and Javascript.
Links: (Site)
A monster-battling open-world game.

Online, genetics and persistance are major factors for the motivation in this game.
Links: (Project Page), (Github)
Programme (pronounced: program)
A collection of tech demos, created mostly for fun.

It is the concept for an electronics-education game.
Links: (Project Page)
A JavaScript Genetics Algorithm Library.
Links: (Project Page), (Github)
Berry Genetics
An interactive demo which employs genetic concepts such as Inheritence and Phenotypes.

Javascript and Canvas
Links: (Site)
Spooky Game
WebGL demo that uses a handheld game console as a 'view' into the otherworldly.
Links: (Project Page)
Procedural Cards
A quick little canvas demo that generates a variety of unique 'calling cards.'
Links: (Project Page)
Loot Icon Generator
WebGL loot generator. Generates items with random colors.
Links: (Site)
Ludum Dare 34 game based on the themes of Growth and Two-Button.

HTML5 + Canvas.
Links: (, (Github)
Warframe Mod Card Maker
A canvas-based 'mod-card' maker to allow the community to design their own mod-cards from Warframe.
Links: (Site)
CS:GO Market Aggregator
A web-scraping application that would draw price information from the Steam Community Market and rehost it.

Made use of MySQL, PHP and HTML+CSS.
Links: Defunct
EZ-VN (Easy Visual Novel)
An HTML5 Visual Novel engine.

Canvas-based, with eventually a pure-HTML fallback as well as OpenGL support.
Links: (Project Page), (GitHub)